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Casa Fitz

Alma Y Ricardo


This is Casa Fitz, Alma and Ricardo's proyect. We start working sice decembrer 2019

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Rooms & Pool & Kitchenette



Our favorite places

We know all of the places we recomend 😁.
Click at the name to see website or location.


Paso Del Sol

A very economic posada in downtown , great for budget travelers, couple and solo travelers.


Arrecife Apartments

downtown apartments with private kitchenette, they also have small rooms.


Hotel Sueño Maya

Hotel in Downtown with 19 rooms, on a awesome location, very close to playa norte and far enough from the main bars, restaurants and other noisy palces, there is no pool or common kitchen, but, some rooms do have a kitchenette.


Taqueria Alex

We call it Taquitos del Ferry, for their previous location, we take our late breakfast there like 3 times a week, there are Tacos and Tortas (sandwiches) all with mexican "guisos" (mexican food).


North Garden

Fancy, delicious breakfast and more.



Benedictine eggs are pretty good here.


Que Bravo!

budget breakfas and delicious.



Breakfast, lunch, diner, pizza, pasta. also hotel, this guys have it all


Playa Mascotas

This is the closest beach from Casa Fitz, it means to be pet friendly, but of course any one can go.


Playa Centro

Located in Dowtown this beach was very well known before as Playa Posada, as far we know it doesn't have a name before was named ad Playa Centro, it is a very nice beach, and you can see cancun from it, if you are into photography this is an awesome location for night shots of long exposition 😉


💀⚡ Playa Media Luna ⚡💀

This is just a WARNING do not get inside of the water on this beach! it is totally FORBIDDEN you can be on the sand with no problem but do not go into the water for any reason! even if you are a pro swimmer DO NOT GO INSIDE OF THE WATER ON THIS BEACH. There are a manystreams of water.


Playa Norte

This one is like the best one, you can't miss it, on high season (December to April) is very crowded however if you go early like 9am (or even earlier than that) you will find it like empty, and you can admire it on its fullest beauty, I do love to run very early on this one, also the sunset is extremely beautiful.


Playa Mia

This is I believe the one location you can go and do snorkel, you can see some fishes by your own.

Events 🎈

We NO MORE allow to have event in Casa Fitz, with this come some extra rules.
✔ One room can be used, extra will be charged if other rooms are required.
✔ Security Cameras can not be turned off.
✔ Cleaning pool fee can be added if necesary.
✔ No other guest can be hosted during the event

Stay with us!